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Moscato Spumante Brut Nature

Moscato is the king of aromatic grapes and has been grown in since ancient times in our region, because of this particular characteristic. The Yellow Moscato variety is typical of our area. We harvest these grapes before they achieve their full ripeness, to ensure a proper acid content, then we press them gently, but quickly, to avoid oxidation and the loss of aromas. With this Moscato Brut Nature we decided to play with senses. The enchanting aromatic fragrance is followed by a fresh, dry sip, rich in minerality, which is the signature of our terroir.

Environment and vineyard

Production area

Single vineyard, Venice mainland, Veneto Region



The vineyards are located in the old family estate, Tenuta Civranetta, close to the lagoon of Venice



“caranto”, pleistocene origin


Training system



Plant density

3.670 / 3.960 plants per hectare

Grape varieties

Yellow Moscato0%

Alcohol level

12% vol

Tasting notes


Light straw yellow



Aromatic, intense feeling of white orange tree flowers, hints of citrus and sage



Dry, fruity and armonious in the mouth, with an elegant balance between minerals and acidity

Serving and pairing

Serving temperature

6°- 8°C


Pairing suggestion 

Perfect as aperitif. One of the best sparkling wines paired with raw-fish dishes like oysters, sushi, but also with codfish fillet. Lovely with creamy cheeses and white meat dishes with herbs or spices

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